Time 4 Me is a community Interest Company which offers therapeutic services to children and young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties. We work in partnership with schools and other service providers to:

Empower children and young people; strengthen families and help build communities.

We provide a professional, school counseling service for children and young people.

Our Mission

Time 4 Me will equip young people with the resources to make positive choices in their lives and support them as they work towards achieving their dreams and aspirations. By working alongside their families, schools and other local youth services, we aim to provide a strong support network for the young people.


Our Values

Time 4 Me believes that children and young people have a right to a safe and healthy life. Time 4 Me is committed to providing children and young people with a safe and confidential space to receive professional social, emotional and mental health support.


Time 4 Me believes that to fully support children and young people, we need to work in partnership with their family and other key influences in their life. Time 4 Me works in close partnership with families, other agencies, local authorities and the wider community, to affect positive change in the lives of our children and young people.


Time 4 Me believes that everyone has the right to social, emotional and mental health support. Time 4 Me offers a range of therapeutic support services to cater for all members of the community, irrespective of difference. By working in partnership with educational providers and local authorities we are able to meet the diverse needs of the community within their ordinary daily routines.


 Time 4 Me believes that to improve the emotional, social and mental health of a community, we need to work in partnership. Time 4 Me works within local communities to provide an inclusive, intergenerational approach to improve relations within families and build more cohesive communities.


Founded by Julia Yearwood